Sunol Creek Memory Care

5980 Sunol Blvd., Pleasanton, CA 94566

Sunol Creek Memory Care is a 22,000 sf, 46-bed free standing memory care community on 1.7 acres in Pleasanton, California.  Construction completed in March 2015 to Tier 1 Green/LEED standards and it reached stabilization within a year of opening. The building was designed, entitled (specific plan amendment, zoning change, design review), financed and developed by ADP principals and has been operated by Frontier Management since opening.  The design of the building allows for a variety of bed configurations with different shared room arrangements, adding flexibility to the operator’s marketing efforts. The facility has an exceptional licensing record, high resident/family satisfaction, low employee turnover and a strong reputation in the community, resulting in consistently high occupancy rates of 95 to 100%.